Sep 9, 2020

Hey 9Rounders!  

Hard to believe it’s already September!! This month's newsletter will be a little longer than normal because I am going to go over some general rules as well as go over some new stuff.  Please let me know if there is anything you need further clarification on or have any questions! 



  • Entering the club...
    • Come wrapped and ready to go
    • Leave anything NOT REQUIRED for your workout in your car
    • Use hand sanitizer upon entry
    • PLEASE WEAR A MASK WHEN ENTERING! You may take it off once you start your workout.  
    • Please be on time to your appointment. If you're more than 5 minutes late, we will assume you're not coming and your spot will be forfeited. 
  • During your workout...
    • Stay at your station. If you need something please let your trainer know and we will gladly get it for you. 
    • DO NOT HANG YOUR GLOVES UP AT 3. Keep them with you the entire time.
    • Be respectful of your fellow 9Rounders and their space. Everyone is at a different level of comfortability with COVID-19 and we ask that you are respectful of people's decisions to wear, or not wear a mask. 
    •  ANYTHING YOU TOUCH LEAVE OUT FOR US TO CLEAN.  Do not put jump ropes, weights, or any other equipment away. 
  • Cancellation Policy: There will be a $9 charge to your account if you do not cancel your workout at least one hour in advance and/or if you are a no show. Most clubs already charge for this, and they require a 24-hour cancellation. We understand things come up but we need you to understand that this has become a huge issue. DUe to covid restrictions, we only have so many spots available. 



We are SOOOO excited to finally be able to add these to our routine for you guys! The scheduling for them will be done separately from how you would book your indoor workouts. Please make sure you sign up if you plan to attend, in the event that an outdoor workout is cancelled Louisa will only be contacting those who are scheduled. We are hoping to continue these the next few months but we will 

Please use this link for booking your OUTDOOR workouts- 


Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6:00am-8:15am

Monday-Thursday 7:15pm-8:00pm

Sunday 9:00am-11:15am


  • CHOW
    • We have decided to change how someone can win CHOW. From now on, the person who improves their score the MOST from Monday-Friday will be the winner.  CHOW is about pushing yourself and doing the best that you can. Not about getting the highest number. 
  • Special Membership offers
    • If you have a child who is able to COMPLETE the workout, you may add them onto your membership for just $40 per month.  If they need gloves and wraps it will be an additional $30 the first month for gear. 
    • Throughout the entire month of september we are offering one free week to all friends and family! If they sign up, you will BOTH get a free month!
  • We have updated our INDOOR HOURS! Please check our website for these updated hours!