Does Your Metabolism Slow Down As You Age?

Does your metabolism slow down as you age?

Is it true that our metabolisms slow down as we age? Without a proper understanding of what our metabolism is, we can easily believe that it must be true since everyone says it. Today, we want to share with you a little bit about metabolism and help answer the question - does my metabolism slow down with age?

First things first, what is our metabolism?

Our metabolism refers to the chemical processes inside our body that allow us to live. By converting, moving, storing, and eliminating inside and outside of our cells, our metabolic function gives us life!

The more metabolic functions your body performs in a day - the higher your metabolism! Having more muscle tone, less body fat, moving around frequently, and eating properly all boost our metabolism. 

It's true that even if you didn't move all day (laid in bed), your body still requires a certain amount of calories coming in to maintain life. This is known as our BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). All activity above rest requires our body to perform more metabolic functions - i.e. higher metabolism! 

So, now that we have a base understanding of what our metabolism is, what happens as we age? 

The older we get, the less muscle we have (assuming you slow down/stop working out)

The older we get, the less we move (we spend more time at rest and less time being active)

So the older you get, your metabolism naturally will slow down. But you see, the only reason our metabolism actually slows down is because we slow down! 

If you want to keep your metabolism burning, you must continue to exercise, move, and eat properly! It's totally possible to have a higher metabolism at 40 years old than when you were 20. It's entirely dependent on your muscle tone and activity level. 

Next time your friend says, "my metabolism is slowing down." Kindly remind them it's only true because they have slowed down! 

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