A stronger YOU in 21 Days!

Oct 15, 2020

The last 21 Day Challenge was a HUGE Success so we are bringing it back for one more time in 2020. It officially starts on Monday, November 2nd. Weigh in days are Sat, Oct 31 at 12 and Sunday, November 1 at 2. 

The challenge will end right before you begin your Thanksgiving festivities! Learn how to eat properly now so you can enjoy that time with your family and not worry about gaining weight or falling off the wagon! 

Here are the awesome results from the last challenge! 
Cumulative totals for 23 Challengers:
Pounds lost - 55+
Body fat % is down 30%
Over 50 inches GONE
Everyone showed improvement from the initial fitness test.
It's time to do something for YOU! This is open to members and non-members. Non-members get access to the gym, 2 Inbody scans, nutrition guidance and a private FB accountability for 3 week for ONLY $49.