Liberty, New Mark & Smithville locations are owned and operated by Chris & Melissa McFarland, and their amazing team of trainers. Members have unlimited access to all 3 locations. PIck the location below that you would use the most, and schedule your first free workout! We have ALL fitness levels, so no matter what-give us one shot! Give us 30 minutes a day, and we will get you results!


We know that time is money. That's why the convenience of a circuit is so important. You start your workout whenever you want - morning, afternoon, or evening. Each of the 9 rounds are different, challenging, and fun. From learning how to jump rope to hitting the speed bag, you will never get bored. The 30 minutes will be over before you know it. Our members can't stop saying, "This is the Best workout I have ever had." That's because you will work every muscle in your body simultaneously, with no complicated machines or silly aerobic routines.


1.) FULL BODY, DAILY CHANGING WORKOUT IN ONLY 30 MINUTES. 30 MINUTES-in and out-drenched in sweat-and on with your day.

2.) NO CLASS TIMES. That's right. A new round is every 3 minutes- meaning your are NEVER LATE. We are open from 5 in the morning until 8 at night. Scheduling a class time in your day is one more thing that you don't have to worry about being on time for.

3.) TRAINER INCLUDED AT EVERY WORKOUT. There is always someone there to show you what to do, how to do it, and to modify for your fitness level. We have ages 11 to 75, and you are at your own "round". You don't have to feel intimidated in a big class, or at a gym with equipment that you don't know how to use. We teach you everything, and we are with you every time you show up. Have an injury, or need a modification? No problem. It's personalized, and we even KNOW YOUR NAME! :)

4.) HEART RATE MONITOR TRAINING. We have now included the heart rate monitor system with membership for a few years, and members LOVE it! You see your heart rate in real time up on the TV in the gym, and know what "zone" you are in to get the most out of your workout and burn fat, not muscle. You get your own equipment and get access to a nutrition portal that stores all of your 9Round workouts, and has a ton of recipes and nutritional advice.
Where else can you get all of this for around $60/month? NO WHERE. We are pretty proud of our product, and we are so happy with the lives we have changed, helping so many reach their fitness goals, 9 rounds at a time!

**Our members have access to Liberty, New Mark & Smithville locations!**