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Whats Included With Your Membership
Trainer Included
Trainer Included
Because our workout changes every day, you will have a 9Round Certified Trainer to instruct and motivate you each and every workout.
Unlimited Workouts
Unlimited Workouts
With your membership you will have access to unlimited workouts. We recommend starting with 3 workouts per week, however, you are welcome to come more.
Kickboxing Gloves
9Round Gloves
You will receive 9Round Gloves which will allow you to hit as hard as you want without the risk of injury.
Nutrition Guide
Nutrition Guide
You will also have access to our 9Round Nutrition Guide written by Dr. Rick Kattouf. You will learn the 4 principles that will help you burn body fat and build lean muscle.
Hand Wraps
Hand Wraps
You will also receive 9Round Hand Wraps for wrist support and comfort. Don't worry, our trainers will teach you how to wrap your hands in no-time.
Nutritional Support
Nutritional Support
Got a nutrition question? You will receive direct access to Dr. Kattouf through the Online 9Round Nutrition Forum to get the answers you need.
9Round delivers total body results in a quick and convenient 30 minute workout with no class times and a trainer with you every step of the way.
No Kickboxing Class Times
Amanda Testimonial
When I joined 9Round I had a 10 week old infant. I had gained 35 lbs during pregnancy on top of the 10 lbs gained from getting married! In my first month at 9Round I lost 6 inches! I was officially an addicted member!! I finally found a workout that was fun, different, and WORKED! The awesome trainers encouraged me, helped me understand how to eat clean, and pushed me every single day. I have lost a total of 25 lbs and 38 total inches. Amazing!
Amanda C.
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Fitness Blog
by Helen Bush
Oct 01, 2014 at 1:10 AM
Many of us fear the scale. We have tried and tried to lose those excess pounds and seem to accomplish nothing. We diet and workout but only seem to end up frustrated and hungry. It can leave most of us feeling out of control and powerless. Well, it is time to take back our power and regain control by following these eight easy tips to successfully complete our weight loss journey.     Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables. They contain vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients that you need to stay healthy and fuel your workouts. They are low in calories and make you feel full. This helps keep your caloric intake lower, plus adds in a ton of fiber, which helps you lose weight quicker. Watch your portion control. Many of us do not eat the correctly sized portions. If you go out to eat, you are definitely getting larger portions than you should. Most restaurants serve very large portions, but you could always take some leftovers home...
by Helen Bush
Sep 29, 2014 at 10:09 PM
We all do it. We love to track our weight loss progress by using the scale. It is as if this small tiny box has a hold on us and can determine the meaning of life for us. Well, did you know that the scale can be a liar? It only shows one number, your weight, and nothing else. There are many more ways that you are benefiting from your fitness routine and multiple ways to help you see if you are truly making progress. It is not in your best interest to get hung up on what your scale is telling you. It is time to branch out and move away from the scale. Here are just a few ways to do this.     Do you feel healthier? It is easy to forget that we are also exercising to improve our health. You may notice some improvements that do not have anything to do with weight loss, such as improved flexibility, endurance and strength. You may be able to walk longer or run faster and keeping up with the kids may not be as difficult. Exercise is also great at relieving stress and...

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