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4 KILLER Benefits of Circuit Training

If you’ve ever tried 9Round, then you know our KILLER workouts are made up of nine rounds within a kickboxing-themed circuit. Circuit training is when you group multiple exercises together and cycle through them once or several times during your workout. But what makes circuit training one of the most sought-after types of exercise today? Find out in today’s blog where we’re discussing all of the incredible benefits of circuit training and see why it’s time for you to give this cult favorite a try!


Circuit Training Workouts Are More Efficient

The very nature of circuit training workouts lends them to be shorter and more efficient than other types of traditional exercise, such as running or cycling. Instead of focusing on different isolation movements that only target one part of your body, circuit training workouts typically utilize tons of compound movements to help you maximize your results in a shorter amount of time. This gives you MAX results in a shorter time period, thanks to the multiple high-intensity exercises and extremely short breaks in between — usually around 30 seconds to one minute. Of course, here at 9Round, we take full advantage of your breaks in between rounds with active exercises that help you transition from one part of the circuit to the next.


Circuit Training Workouts Are Never Boring

The shorter length and fast pace of circuit training workouts makes it easier for you to finish the workout without getting bored. As you move through the circuit, you’re constantly switching up the moves to keep things interesting and to continuously challenge your body. This keeps you from getting stuck doing the same thing over and over again, and it allows you to feel like time is flying by as you’re crushing your 30-minute workout. Plus, there are endless combinations of moves you can do within a circuit, which is why we have a brand-new workout waiting for you every single day at our 9Round studios.  


Circuit Training Workouts Help Blast Away Fat

Because circuit training requires you to do intensive movements at a rapid pace with little breaks in between, your body has to work fast in order to convert nutrients into energy for your workout. This not only helps kickstart your metabolism while you’re crushing it at the studio but also throughout the day, which enables your body to burn more calories even after you’ve finished your workout. Many people love circuit training for this reason, because who doesn’t want to burn more calories outside the gym in addition to during their workout?  


Circuit Training Workouts Are for Everyone

One of the best things about circuit training is that anyone can do it, no matter your fitness level. Because you are in full control of your workout pace, you can speed up or slow down depending on what you need. So, if you’re just starting out, you can take things slow and focus on proper form and nailing the exercise movement rather than busting out a ton a reps. When you’re ready to kick things up a notch, you can work at a faster pace and throw in some weights to make things more challenging.


Pro Tip: Our PULSE Heart Rate Monitor is the ultimate guide when it comes to finding that sweet spot for max results. Make sure you’re in the green or yellow zones throughout your workout, and you’ll know that you’re exercising at the right pace for your fitness level.


Come try one of the world’s most exciting circuit training systems at 9Round with a FREE Introductory Workout at your local studio! We can’t wait to kick it with you and show you how our KILLER workouts help you grow stronger in just 30 minutes.

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