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5 Signs You Need a Rest Day

Rest is for the weak, right? Actually, no.

Rest is a critical part of any exercise routine, and when you don’t get enough of it after an intense workout, you may be putting yourself at a higher risk of injury. Your muscles require time after a workout to heal properly and grow stronger. This is how you increase your strength gains and make progress on your fitness goals.

Your body will give you plenty of signs to let you know when it’s time for a break before it’s too late, but it’s up to you to listen and pay attention. If you’re not sure what those signs may be, then don’t sweat it! Here are five important signs that you need a rest day ASAP!


You’re Utterly Exhausted

If your occasional afternoon slumps are becoming more frequent, then it might be a sign you need a day off from the gym. When you don’t give yourself enough rest in between workouts, fatigue is one of the first cues your body gives to help you slow down. Unfortunately, with today’s hustle culture, many people ignore this important sign from their body, and they continue to push themselves despite needing rest.

Our days off are just as important as our days on, as recovery is necessary for your muscles to grow bigger and stronger. When your seemingly normal routine is carrying on per usual, but you’re feeling excessively tired throughout the day, it’s a pretty clear sign that something’s got to give. Take a day or two off from your typical workout routine and let your body relax. If you’re someone who can’t stand to sit still, then switching to a lighter active rest day activity can help you stay moving without doing too much.


Your Body Just Isn’t Recovering As It Should

It’s normal to feel a little sore after an intense 9Round workout, but excess soreness that sticks around for longer than it should is a clear sign that it’s time to take a break. Whether you’re feeling the burn after this week’s CHOW or a Killer Trainer-Led Drill, it’s not a good idea to keep pushing yourself when your body hasn’t recovered.

It’s perfectly okay for you to take a day off to let your muscles heal, so they’re ready for the next time you want to punch it out. Ignoring the pain and trying to continue on like normal is a good way to get an injury, which will set you back so much farther than a single rest day. So, pay attention to your body and give yourself time to heal in between each workout, then you’ll have no trouble continuing to make progress on your fitness goals.   


Your Sleep Schedule is Off Track

If you are feeling tired all day long but having trouble sleeping, then it’s possible you’re stretching yourself too thin. Burnout is a state of physical and mental exhaustion that’s caused by excessive and prolonged stress. This stress usually isn’t coming from one single area of life, but multiple at the same time. Unfortunately, you can’t always take a day off from work or family events, but you can take a rest day when it comes to working out. Skipping your morning workout for some extra sleep or your evening workout for some time to unwind will help your body get the rest it needs today, so you can hit the gym hard tomorrow.


You Dread Your Workouts More Than You Enjoy Them

If you’re usually excited and energized every time you walk into the studio, but lately you’ve been dreading the thought of working out, then it may be time for a day off. While you might miss seeing your favorite 9Round trainers for a day, it’s important that you listen to how you’re feeling and switch things up a little to bring back your motivation. Try going for a walk around the park or jogging through your neighborhood instead, as the change in scenery might help rejuvenate your energy for working out. Then, when you’re feeling ready to get back on the bag, you can come back to 9Round and get a Killer Workout that’s worthy of three rings on the gong.


You’re Experiencing Pain Beyond Normal

There’s a big difference between excessive soreness and pain from a potential injury. When you notice any questionable pain, it’s critical that you take a day or two off in order to let your body recover. You may have a minor injury that could get worse with exercise, so it’s best to keep yourself from doing more damage before it heals. Pain is often a result of inflammation, which can be decreased with enough rest in some cases.

After a few days, if the pain subsides, you can start to ease back into your workout routine. If the pain persists, then you should visit a doctor to figure out what’s going on before you start exercising again. Pushing yourself through the pain that’s worse than normal can lead to a serious injury that keeps you out of the gym for weeks, so it’s better to take a few days off now to keep your long-term goals on track.


At 9Round, we recommend starting out with just three days a week in the studio or at home and then determining whether scaling to more workouts per week works for your body and your schedule. If you haven’t already, be sure to claim your FREE Introductory Workout at your local studio using the link below!

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