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Everything to Know About Your 9Round Gloves

One of the signature pieces of equipment you receive as a member is your 9Round boxing gloves. Think of your gloves like shoes for your hands, while your hand wraps are like socks. This is a metaphor we use often to explain the importance of our gloves. You wouldn’t set out to run a marathon without a good pair of shoes, and in the same way, you shouldn’t practice kickboxing without a trusty pair of gloves. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about your 9Round gloves, so you can always punch it out safely and confidently at the studio.


Why Do Our Members Wear Gloves?

We don’t give our members a pair of boxing gloves just so they can look cool – it’s actually for their protection. If you stop and think about the amount of force you create every time you hit the bag, you can clearly see why boxing gloves are essential for our KILLER workouts. They help absorb the impact of every punch and, in turn, provide cushioning and support for the hands and wrists.

When used in conjunction with your hand wraps, this allows you to throw punch after punch without getting hurt, as long as you’re practicing good form – keeping your elbows in while pushing your hands forward and rotating the hammers over just as you’re about to strike the bag.

Not only do gloves provide protection while working on the bag, but they can also help out during other functional exercises, such as push-ups, mountain climbers, and burpees. Keeping your gloves on while doing these moves can help relieve some of the pressure off your hands and wrists to provide extra support.


What Happens to Your Gloves Over Time?

Since your gloves are constantly taking a hit, the padding inside will start to wear down and become less protective. This is why it’s important to replace your gloves at least every six months, if you’re coming in the recommended three days a week. Our 9Round enthusiasts who work out more often may need to replace their gloves sooner, as the padding inside the gloves wears down faster the more you use them. You want to make sure you’re replacing your gloves on time, or you might be at risk for an injury, especially if you throw a mean punch. (-;

Fun Fact: Between rounds 3 and 7, our members average around 200 punches per round. Multiply that by five for each round with a heavy bag, and that’s approximately 1000 punches during every 30-minute workout!


Which Gloves Are Right for You?

There are two types of gloves available at 9Round – our Classic 10 oz. boxing gloves and the Premium 12 oz. leather gloves. The Classic gloves are included with your standard equipment when you become a member, and they offer good padding and support for your hands and wrists. These are the perfect option for members who plan to work out just three or four days a week. Classic gloves are available in three different colors – our signature red and white colors, black and white, or pink and black.

The Premium Leather gloves have some extra padding inside, a sturdier outer shell, and a snug fit to provide excellent protection for your hands and wrists. Not to mention, they also help you look like a professional kickboxer in the ring with a striking black and red color. These are the best option for 9Rounders who consistently work out five or more days a week at the studio, or for those of you that just like really nice things. ;-)

Occasionally, you may see us release a few limited-edition classic gloves in different colors, like our popular matte black ones or the recently released metallic blue gloves. If you see a pair of seasonal gloves you like, make sure you grab them before they’re gone, as they aren’t likely to come back around.  

Additionally, members who complete 500 workouts can receive a special pair of Golden Gloves signed by our founders, Shannon “The Cannon” and Heather “The Hero” Hudson. These unique gloves can only be earned at the studio and are not for sale.

If you’re ready to get your own pair of 9Round gloves and start punching out every week, then sign up for your FREE Introductory Workout using the link below, and we’ll see you soon for a KILLER workout!

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