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Important Tips for How to Work Out Like a Kickboxer

High-intensity interval training workouts, like 9Round, are known to rev up your metabolism and get your heart pumping. These programs can be extremely effective for losing weight, building strength, and testing endurance – but, like with all fitness routines, some important best practices can help reduce your chances of getting an unexpected injury. So, keep reading to see some important tips to keep in mind while you’re punching it out like a kickboxer.


Remember to Gear Up Before Every Workout

While you’re getting your 9Round on, the last thing you want is an injury. Every time you punch the bag, you generate force that can end up hurting your hands or wrists. This is because your hands are made up of tiny bones that can easily be hurt without the proper protection. Your wrists also absorb some of the force created, especially if you’re not using the right form for a good punch (more on that later).

Luckily, the appropriate 9Round boxing gloves and 9Round hand wraps can be a primary line of defense against pain, swelling, and bone fractures in the hands and wrists. It’s important to note that 9Round gloves should be replaced after six months of regular use (or more often, as needed), as the padding inside wears down over time and can become less effective at protecting your hands and wrists. 9Round hand wraps should also be replaced as they become stretched out and worn.

Shoes are another important piece of your exercise equipment when it comes to working out like a kickboxer. High-intensity interval training often requires you to move in several directions while staying light on your feet. Cross-training shoes with a flat bottom and high ankle coverage are ideal to help make your movements more fluid, as you don’t want to trip or fall when moving around on the 9Round floor.


Always Take Things at Your Own Pace

People are often tempted to overwork themselves at the gym (especially on CHOW days). While it can be beneficial to challenge yourself at times, doing more than you can handle can increase your chances of getting hurt. Adding too much weight or rushing through every rep can quickly turn into a dangerous situation. Instead of overworking yourself, focus on finding your ideal pace for working out. You’ll have to find the balance between challenging yourself and overdoing it to figure out your sweet spot. Once you find the right pace, you can slowly begin increasing the difficulty of your workout. By taking things one step at a time, you can help reduce your chances of getting an injury and help yourself build more stamina.


Focus on Maintaining the Proper Form

Working out like a kickboxer requires a lot of punching and kicking, but did you know there’s a right and wrong way to do each of the moves? It all comes down to your form. Form is the specific way that you should perform an exercise to help prevent injury and get the best results. When you use the right form, you are more likely to target the correct muscle groups at the ideal level of intensity.

Using the correct form for your punches and kicks is incredibly important, as you can easily injure yourself (or possibly your trainer) if you perform these movements incorrectly. For example, many people get hurt attempting a round kick if they aren’t practicing the fundamentals of a good round kick. You can also hurt your wrists during a jab or cross if you aren’t using the correct form to engage the muscles in your arms. Maintaining proper form while working out like a kickboxer is one of the best practices you can follow to try to prevent any injuries.

Now that you’re familiar with these important tips and tricks, you can confidently work out like a kickboxer at your local 9Round club. The good news is, every time you work out at 9Round, a 9Round-Certified Trainer will be there to show you some best practices for performing each move and to coach and correct you through your entire workout. If you want to give kickboxing-style workouts a try, you can claim your free introductory workout with the link below.

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