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Why 9Round Uses Heart Rate Training to Help Improve Your Workout

Have you ever wondered, “Why does 9Round use heart rate training?” Heart rate training is a common practice for many fitness clubs, as your heart rate can help you monitor your exercise intensity at any given time, allowing you to make adjustments to get the most out of your workout. At 9Round clubs, our PULSE system is used for just that – to track and monitor members’ heart rates while they’re exercising. Keep reading to find out why we use heart rate training to help you improve your workouts.


To Monitor Your Exercise Intensity

The beauty of 9Round is that you can get a Killer Workout in only 30 minutes, but in order to get the most out of your 30 minutes, you have to maintain a high intensity level. Exercising between 72 and 91 percent of your maximum heart rate helps increase the benefits of your workout. Our PULSE Monitors allow you to see your heart rate in real-time according to five different colored PULSE zones. These zones represent the different percentages of your maximum heart rate, so you know if you’re exercising at the right intensity level or not. PULSE also helps your trainers monitor your exercise intensity, so they can step in and help you raise or lower your heart rate with the proper techniques.  


To Help You Stay Motivated

Making it to the gym is only half the battle because once you’re there you still need to stay engaged during the workout to get the most out of it. It’s easy to find yourself going through the motions and not doing each move to the best of your ability, which means you aren’t reaping the full benefits of that exercise. Whether you’re distracted by what’s going on at work or something you need to do at home, this can be a serious setback in your fitness progress.

By turning your workout into a challenge where your goal is to earn at least 60 PULSE Points before you walk out the door, wearing a PULSE Monitor can help you stay on track and motivated to crush every round. To complete this challenge, you really have to focus on the workout and keep your heart rate in the Green and Yellow zones.

9Round Trainers will keep an eye on your heart rate as well, so they know when to help you pick up the pace with some hand pad drills or by encouraging you to use heavier weights. They will also remind you to slow down and practice good form if you’re moving through each exercise too quickly and elevating your heart rate too much.


To Help Measure Your Fitness Progress

Heart rate training allows you to track your fitness progress based on how well your heart can withstand the intensity of your workout. The purpose of heart rate training is to increase the heart’s ability to pump blood and oxygen throughout the body while under stress so it can be strengthened over time.

Heart rate training is particularly important for beginners who are not used to the intensity of 9Round workouts. At first, these members may find themselves drifting into the Red Zone a lot, but over time they become more conditioned to the intensity level of the workouts and their heart rates start to stay in the Green and Yellow zones more often. When this shift happens, it is a good indicator that members are gaining control over their heart rate and strengthening their hearts’ capabilities.

Fun Fact: Heart rate training can help you account for other factors that may be affecting your health. For someone who is typically in great shape, drifting into the Red Zone for longer periods of time may be a sign of something else going on, such as a sickness coming on or dehydration. In this situation, heart rate training can help you avoid overworking yourself, even if you aren’t aware of the changes in your health yet.

Now, after all that heart talk, are you ready to get yours pumping?! Strap on your PULSE Monitor and head to your local 9Round club for a Killer Workout today! If you’re not a 9Round member already, a PULSE Monitor is included with every membership, so you can take advantage of all the benefits of heart rate training that we mentioned above. Use the link below to claim your free workout!

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