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9 Things to Know Before Your First 9Round Workout

So, you’ve signed up for your free introductory session and are anxiously waiting to try the world’s BEST kickboxing fitness. Now that you’ve committed to your first workout, you might be wondering what to expect when you arrive at the gym. Don’t sweat it–we’ve got you covered with 9 things to know before your first 9Round workout. Check out our insider tips before you visit and get ready to CRUSH your first KILLER workout!


#1 — 9Round is Kickboxing Fitness

If you’re looking for a unique workout to add to your fitness routine, then 9Round is exactly what you need. Our fun and effective kickboxing-themed workouts are designed to help you grow stronger, physically and mentally, in just 30 minutes. But don’t let that intimidate you – you will never get hit at our studios. What you will get is a chance to  punch and kick away stress and extra calories one KILLER workout at a time. 


#2 — Our Workouts are Circuit-Based

You’ve probably heard that 9Round doesn’t have class times, and that’s because our workouts run on a circuit. Every 3 minutes a new round begins, so when you’ve completed your first workout and become a member, you can come in on your time and get started on your workout quickly. Throughout the entire workout, you’ll complete nine different stations with a 30-second active break in between.

Each round offers new and challenging exercises to help you push yourself for the entire 3 minutes. Because you’re constantly switching things up and moving through the circuit, those 30 minutes go by fast and before you know it, you’re sweating and smiling at the end of your KILLER workout.


#3 — You Need the Right Clothes

We’re not going to sugar-coat it—our kickboxing workouts are intense. Wearing proper clothing to your 9Round sweat sessions is critical for your safety, so make sure you’re prepared before your first session with comfortable athletic clothes and shoes. You want to wear clothing that’s easy to move around in, as you’ll be kicking, punching, jumping, and more throughout your workout. You also want to wear supportive athletic shoes with good ankle support to help you stay moving from beginning to end.


#4 — A Champion Trainer is Always Included

If you’re tired of walking into a gym and not knowing what to do with your time or all the fancy equipment, then you’re going to love our trainer-led workouts. At 9Round, a Champion Trainer is always included, so there’s always someone to guide you and motivate you throughout the entire workout. Your trainers will also encourage you each time you come in and find ways to AMP your workout to make it more challenging when you need that extra push.


#5 — Work Hard, Then Rest

Getting enough rest is just as important as getting in your 3+ workouts per week. When you’re finished with your 30-minute workout, you should take pride in knowing you did something hard. With our intense workouts, you get max results in less time, so you don’t have to spend your entire life in the gym to get fit.

Always give yourself time to rest in between your KILLER workouts, so your body can recover and prepare for your next sweat sesh. As your body gets used to the intensity of your new routine at 9Round, you can slowly add more workouts per week to keep things challenging—however, we always recommend having at least one rest day per week to give your body that crucial time for recovery.


#6 — We Have a Language of Our Own

During your introductory session, you might hear your trainer say something you’ve never heard before. Like many other fitness programs, we have a unique culture that includes a few words and phrases you won’t hear anywhere else. Don’t be afraid to ask your trainer to clarify what they mean during your first workout if they say something you don’t recognize. Keep coming in to crush your KILLER workouts each week, and it won’t be long until you’re fully immersed in our 9Round lingo. 


#7 — You’ll Use Some Interesting Equipment

The first time you visit your local 9Round studio, you’ll notice there’s a bunch of equipment you won’t find in a typical gym. We specialize in kickboxing-fitness so, of course, you can expect to work out using traditional kickboxing bags and equipment. These exciting apparatuses help you punch and kick your way to better health with each 30-minute workout. A 9Round Champion Trainer will explain how to use each piece of equipment during your introductory session, but if you want a preview of what to expect, you can read our simple breakdown of 9Round equipment.


#8 — You Might Be a Little Sore Tomorrow

If you haven’t worked out in a while, then you’re likely going to be sore after your first session—this is referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which typically sets in within 12 to 24 hours following a workout. It’s perfectly normal to experience DOMS within 12 to 24 hours of your KILLER workouts, and this discomfort may last for up to 72 hours. You can help aid your body’s recovery process by staying active with some light to moderate activities and staying well-hydrated.


#9 — There’s 9Round Nutrition Too

Like two birds of the same feather, working out and eating healthy are your power duo for reaching your fitness goals this year. Unfortunately, you can’t have one without the other—but we’ve got you covered with 9Round Nutrition too! Our members enjoy exclusive perks like the complete 9Round Nutrition Guide and new, healthy recipes developed by a certified nutritional coach posted to their online portal each month. Plus, you can check out the entire line of 9Round supplements for some delicious protein powder, protein bars, and pre-workout drink mix.


Did you know 9Round is way more fun with a friend? If you signed up for a free introductory session, share this blog with a friend and have them schedule to join you for their first workout too! And if you haven’t signed up for a free workout and you came across this article, then what are you waiting for? Schedule your introductory session now!

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