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How to Conquer the MAX OUT Workout at 9Round

It’s always fun to punch and kick your way through a KILLER 9Round workout—but it’s even more fun to conquer the MAX OUT Workout when it comes around! This exciting workout challenge shows up quarterly at your local studio, and it’s guaranteed to have you sweating up a storm by the end of your 30 minutes. The next MAX OUT Workout will be here before you know it, so we’ve got some great tips to help you get your best score yet! 


What is the MAX OUT Workout?

You’ve heard of our weekly CHOWs, and the MAX OUT Workout is sort of like a CHOW, but instead of counting reps for only one round, you’re doing so for all nine! This means you’re pushing yourself to do as many reps as possible throughout the entire workout to get one GRAND total at the end. So, if you finish Round 1 with 120 reps, then you’ll start counting at 121 for Round 2.


These workouts are a great way to gauge how much you’ve improved throughout your 9Round experience because each time the MAX OUT Workout returns, you can compare your new score to your old one to see if you’re growing stronger. So, when you’re finished knocking out this challenge, don’t forget to save your final score somewhere you can easily find it later.


Now, how can you make the most of your MAX OUT Workout experience? Let’s find out with these KILLER tips!


Tip #1 — Consistency

Staying consistent with your weekly workout routine is the key to being able to push through the MAX OUT Workout and give it your all from start to finish. Keep crushing your three workouts per week leading up to the MAX OUT Workout. This will help you build and maintain your endurance to get your body ready for the challenge!


Tip #2 — Rest

We encourage you to treat the MAX OUT Workout like a race or game day, which means you’ll want to plan ahead for a good night’s sleep before you attempt to MAX OUT! Rest and recovery are essential when working out regularly, but before a big event like the MAX OUT Workout, your beauty sleep is even more important. Also, don’t forget to give yourself at least one day off in between each of your MAX OUT Workout attempts if you plan to try and beat your first score during the week!


Tip #3 — Fuel Up

At 9Round, we believe food is fuel for your body—which means it’s incredibly important to eat healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks leading up a big event like the MAX OUT Workout. As with rest, you should treat this event like you’re training for a race or game day. Focus on drinking lots of water and eating plenty of healthy carbs and protein to give yourself the energy you need to tackle the MAX OUT Workout.


This is especially important on the day you plan to tackle this workout challenge—and don’t forget to replenish those nutrients you burn up after your workout as well by eating a high-protein meal or snack. 


With these tips, you’re ready to take on one of 9Round Nation’s favorite workout challenges, the MAX OUT Workout! We can’t wait to see your final score up on the challenge board at your local studio.

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