Congratulations!  You've made that all important decision to get in better shape.  Maybe your cholesterol is too high, or you've slowly (quickly perhaps?!?) packed on a few pounds.  Whatever your reason, you've had enough and it's time to do something about it!  But what is your next step?

Identify your fitness goals

This is a crucial step.  Baseball great Yogi Berra is known to say, "If you don't know where you are going you might end up someplace else".  Be honest with yourself and list out what you want.  For me, it was to get off of my high blood pressure and cholesterol meds - that meant losing weight.  I have a history of heart disease in my family and I wanted to take as much control of my destiny as I could.  For others it may be to develop that elusive six-pack, or look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. That's a personal decision that you have to make.

What do I need to do to meet those goals?

You have no doubt heard that it takes both exercise and nutrition to make lasting changes.  Regardless of your fitness goals, you should look for a gym that offers to help you maximize these factors.  If they don't, eliminate them from your list. If you get bored with exercise easily, you need to find something that is dynamic in nature and changes often.  Mix it up and it seems like a new adventure each session.  In order to make lasting changes, you have to be consistent with your training. Do you need motivation and help with form?  Then you likely will want to hire a trainer to help guide you.  In most gyms, however, this can cost you as much as $1/minute.  Do the math - that is $60 for a single 1-hour session!

How do you fit it into your lifestyle?

Do you really have 60, 90 or 120 minutes in your day to work out?  Most of us have careers, family, etc. that we enjoy and want to allocate time to.  If you have to find that much time for your workout you may be short circuiting your goals from the onset. Will classes work for you?  Possibly, if they start when you are available.  What happens if you are running just a few minutes late though?  Do you say things like "I don't want to start in the middle" or "I'll feel stupid coming in after the class is started"?  We recommend you look for a gym with no class times - start whenever it is convenient for YOU.

Find the Best Fitness Gym for YOU!

Now, you have to figure out which gym is the best to meet your fitness goals.  All gyms are NOT created equal!  Can I offer you a suggestion?

9Round Fitness (DIlworth) in Charlotte, NC is a 30 minute, full body kickboxing workout.  There are no class times so you can workout whenever it's convenient for you - a new round starts every 3 minutes!  We change the workout daily so you never get bored and it confuses the muscles for maximum fat burning and the best part - we provide you with trainers at no extra cost to help you every step of the way!!