Stepping Up for Community Good: Durant Road Elementary Partners with 9Round Raleigh for Shoe Drive Fundraiser

At the crossroads of community support and fitness enthusiasm, an exciting partnership has blossomed between Durant Road Elementary and 9Round Fitness. This innovative collaboration brings together the energy of circuit training fitness classes and the spirit of giving, all for a noble cause.

A Step Towards Making a Difference

Durant Road Elementary's Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and 9Round Raleigh have joined hands to host a remarkable fundraiser - a shoe drive. But it's not just any shoe drive; it's an initiative that not only supports the local school community but also extends a helping hand to those in need around the world.

Kicking for a Cause

This partnership seamlessly blends the dedication of fitness enthusiasts with the commitment to uplift the community. 9Round Raleigh, a hub for kickboxing enthusiasts aiming for improved fitness and strength, has taken a step beyond physical wellness. With the Durant Road Elementary PTA, they are facilitating a shoe drive fundraiser that supports both local students and those in far-off lands.

Gently Used Shoes, Big Impact

How does it work? It's simple yet impactful. Members of our fitness community at 9Round Raleigh, who are all about pushing their limits and achieving their goals, are encouraged to bring in gently used shoes. These shoes are then collected and sent to countries in need, providing footwear to those who lack it. At the same time, the funds raised from the shoe drive directly benefit Durant Road Elementary's PTA, enabling them to enrich the educational experience for their local students.

Stepping Up: Supporting the Community

This initiative perfectly encapsulates the essence of community support. 9Round Raleigh isn't just about fitness; it's about fostering connections and creating a positive impact. By partnering with Durant Road Elementary, we're collectively taking steps towards a stronger, more caring community.

A Win-Win for All

The Durant Road Elementary shoe drive fundraiser showcases the power of partnerships. It's a win-win situation where local gym members are not only honing their kickboxing skills but also making a tangible difference in the world. The school's PTA gains valuable support for their projects, translating into direct benefits for their students.

How You Can Contribute

Are you a part of our community? Join us in this incredible initiative. Gather your gently used shoes and drop them off at our gym. Your contribution will echo far beyond the confines of our local community, reaching those who need it the most.

At the heart of this partnership lies a simple truth: together, we can create an impact that transcends distances. Durant Road Elementary and 9Round Raleigh, united by the belief in community empowerment, are showing the world that every step counts.

So lace up those shoes, join a kickboxing class, and take a step towards a better world - one kick at a time.

For more details, visit us at 1131 Falls River Ave Raleigh, NC 27614

Let's Step Up Together!