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9Round Fitness Gym - Kickboxing Classes in Washington

If you're looking to get fit and in shape, stop by 9Round Fitness & Kickboxing in any of our locations in Washington state. Our no-nonsense approach to fitness is effective, fun, and challenging. Say goodbye to boredom and start seeing results! If you have 30 minutes, you can be on your way to having the body you desire. At 9Round Fitness & Kickboxing, you're never alone. While working up a sweat with our intense workouts inspired by kickboxing, 9Round members receive guidance from certified personal trainers, at no extra cost. The trainer will learn about your fitness level and goals, and will get to know you on a first-name basis. Enjoy a fun, but challenging workout that will get you the results you desire, as long as you push your limits. Your personal trainer is free, but the results aren't!

Enjoy Challenging Fitness Workouts

Although the theme of our gym is kickboxing, members will quickly learn that our workouts cover an entire spectrum of exercises. Swing those kettle bells, punch that bag, and shake those ropes! Because we change our circuits daily, you will never be bored. When you enter our gym, a new and surprising workout will be ready for you. Our full-body workouts can transform your body and your life!

  • We use everything from kettle bells and punching bags to shake ropes and slam balls to create our circuits. Our circuits will challenge you every time!
  • By constantly changing your workout, you work your muscles differently each time, preventing a workout plateau so you continue to see results!

Only 30 Minutes of Your Time

It doesn't take much to get fit at 9Round in the state of Washington. All it takes is 30 minutes of your day! We don't have set class times at our specialized fitness centers. Instead, our circuits start every 3 minutes. This gives you the flexibility to come in at your own convenience to get your 30 minutes in. Yes, our circuits are fast, energetic, and challenging, but they're also incredibly effective. You'll end up will a total-body workout each time. Get in, get fit, and get on with your day!

  • Our workouts are 30 minutes long and only take up 2% of your entire day. Spend a half-hour with us and challenge yourself with change!
  • We don't operate on a schedule because we know you already have one. You can come in whenever you want and get fit, 9 rounds at a time!