Do You Really Need 10000 Steps A Day?

Do You Really Need 10000 Steps A Day?

In 1965, a Japanese company created a pedometer called the Manpo-kei (10000 steps meter), and as part of their marketing for the device, we commonly accept 10k steps as the daily balance needed to be healthy and fit. 

Although marketing is behind most of the health and fitness myths we hold dearly, there is some truth to monitoring your daily activity. By default, a person who moves more will live a healthy life. 10,000 steps is a marketing number that sounds good, but research shows over 7500 steps a day is a great goal to reduce the likelihood of health-related ailments. 

3 Ways To Stay Active 


The marketing of wearing a device to measure steps and activity is everywhere. Just like balancing your checkbook (not that anyone still does that), it is important to measure and understand your daily activity levels. 

By wearing a fitness device for a few months, you'll start to see patterns of what days you are more active and which days your lifestyle is sedentary. Only because you measured, you now have an awareness of when you should try to be more active. 


Exercise or activity doesn't have to be boring. Have fun! Sign-up for an adult sports league or run and play with your kids/pets in the yard. Be purposeful in getting out and enjoy having fun outdoors. By choosing outdoor activities that you enjoy, you'll automatically gain more movement (steps) for your day. 

Set A Goal 

Make a realistic goal for how much movement you want to have every day and stick to it. You've already measured, and you know which day (or all days) needs an increase in activity. The more you move, the better for your overall health. 

Invite your friends and family to your movement goals so everyone can be more active together! 

If you are waiting for some magic pill or easy hack on health, we promise there is no such thing. Our bodies are created to move, and when we stop moving, we start losing our muscles, and things tighten up. Let's get moving!

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