How To Eat Out And Keep It Healthy

Should You Dine Out?

Heavily restricted diets/lifestyles aren't sustainable. If we want to live healthy lives, we have to figure out how to incorporate having fun into the mix. This week, we want to share with you some pro tips on dining out. It is possible to enjoy your favorite restaurant, friends, and life without "being bad." 


One of our favorite things to do is pre-game. No, we aren't talking about having a few drinks before heading out; we are talking about having a small snack before heading out. 

If you leave your home at 5pm and arrive at the restaurant at 5:30, wait to be seated, then wait to order, and finally, the food comes at 6:30pm - you'll be starving by the time it's time to eat. Instead of making the best choice, we tend to make the emotional choice (#starving) and could go overboard. 

Next time you plan a dinner out, eat a small snack at home before you leave; it will curb your appetite and help you stay on track. (fruit, veggies, nuts, etc.)

Two No's 

An easy rule to remember is the two no's. Say no to appetizers and say no to desserts (unless something super special #birthday). If you can avoid these two temptations, you'll undoubtedly avoid extra calories. 

Eating out isn't terrible, but when we go overboard on our caloric intake, it makes us feel bad later and swear to avoid eating out altogether when we are on a "diet." 

It is possible to take steps toward your goal while enjoying a lovely meal on the town. Remember the rule of two no's

To-go, Please 

When your food arrives, ask for a to-go box. It's no secret that the portion sizes at American restaurants are large, too large. Instead of thinking you'll stop yourself from overeating, set yourself up for success with this easy trick. 

While the food is piping hot, before you dig in, portion away the extra and box it up. By setting aside the excess food that you receive, you'll reduce your chances of overdoing things. 

If your friends ask, "what are you doing?" You can fill them in on this neat tip to help everyone at the table enjoy a night out responsibly. 

There are many ways to live a healthy life by avoiding the pitfalls that derail us. Using simple tips like the ones we provided to you today allows you to integrate your enjoyment of an evening out without bringing any extra guilt or shame. 

If you need help making small behavioral changes that promote a healthy lifestyle, hit us up! 


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