Last Call For Alcohol

Last Call For Alcohol 

When the MC announces its last call, it's time to line up for the final beverage of the night. Alcohol plays a role in our lives, and in this week's email, we want to share with you what really happens inside your body when you drink alcohol (then you can decide what to do with the info). 

The Effects Of Alcohol

1st Place

When you have a drink, your body will prioritize the alcohol to be metabolized over any food that is being digested. So if you have a drink around mealtime, your body will stop processing the food you ate and work on processing and burning off the alcohol sugars first. 

Because our bodies want to process the alcohol first (and, of course, we want to feel the "buzz"), our digestion slows down, and by the time it's time to process the food we ate, our body might send the extra calories to the storage tank (aka. fat). 


Alcohol will dehydrate our bodies. That is why we might have a hangover or headache the next day. Anytime our body is dehydrated (even 1%), it causes extra strain to be placed on our heart, kidneys, and other vital organs. 

The best way to take care of our body is to keep ourselves well hydrated and avoid big stressors on our body systems. Keep yourself adequately hydrated by drinking water, and if you choose to drink alcohol, make sure to increase your water intake throughout the day. 

Bad Move 

Regardless of how disciplined you are, having just one drink can lead to a lowered ability to make a good decision. In addition, drinking while eating can cause you to overeat or make poor food choices (increasing the leftovers that convert to fat). 

If we consistently do things that go against our values, desires, or goals - doesn't it make sense to give ourselves the best shot by not taking a drink?

This email isn't a call to ban alcohol from your life, but we hope it has been helpful for you to realize the practical truth about what happens during consumption. If there are health or wellness goals that you desire but can't seem to see come to pass, then ask yourself some hard questions about alcohol consumption. 

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